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I was born in Chicago, Ill. and grew up in Miami, Fla. I first began painting at nine years old, after taking a YMCA summer art class. My formal training started in a sketch class with many of the local Disney artists, and continued with Mercedes Bennett, a local commercial artist, and then with Georges Sellier, a tapestry designer from the Beaux- Arts.During High School, I worked at R.J. Menu company illustrating menus. In 1958 I received a scholarship to attend Wellesley College, where I studied art history and attended a studio course. The following year I married my childhood sweetheart, transferred to the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, and immediately had the first of four children, which postponed both my college and art work for ten years. In 1968 I studied at the DeCordova Museum School and in 1969 at the Boston Museum School. In 1970 I was accepted at Massachusetts College of Art, where I fell in love with water color. In 1971 I completed a B.F.A. at the University of Colorado.During the following years, painting again took a back seat to the necessities of being a single parent raising four children. After leaving Colorado, I lived in Anchorage, Alaska for twenty years and moved to Richmond, Virginia in 1998 to be closer to my grandchildren, Then I retired, and happily resumed painting in earnest. 
Pat is a Richmond, Virginia based artist whose paintings have a strong abstract quality, mixed with natural forms. The colors are strong and flowing. Her work evokes an emotional reality, and she sees her paintings as a kind of language of the soul.
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Virginia:Signature Member of the Virginia Watercolor SocietySignature member of the Baltimore Water Color Society Painting have been presented at many local venues including Uptown Gallery, Richmond, UNOs, Central Virginia Watercolor Guild, Unitarian Church Gallery, Crossroads Art Center, Tobacco Gallery, Arboretum Gallery, Art Space, Deckert-Leahy ,Glavé Kocen, Jack Kreuters Jewelry, Richmond Public Library, Chester Library, Bon Air Library, Shockoe Bottom Arts Center.Paintings are included in many private collectors in the USA and in Germany including The Federal Reserve Bank of Virginia, Mead Westvaco, Adolph Coors Brewing Company, and The Colorado School of MinePast Director of Uptown Gallery, past president of Bon Air Artists Association, founding member of Powhatan Plein Air Painters, former member of the Jack Woodson Plein Air Painters. Taught at the Tuckahoe Woman's Club and Uptown Gallery. Presented programs to the Lee Artists, Bon Air Artists, and James River High School. Served as a judge for the Rappahannock Art League, Metropolitan Artists, and Henrico Public Schools.Colorado: Denver Art Museum's Metropolitan Exhibit 1972 University of Colorado UMC Gallery in 1972; University of Colorado Fine Arts Gallery, 1973 Gilpin County Art Association in 1973. Second Renaissance Art Show, 1975 Golden, Colorado Sidewalk Show. Boulder Daily Camera Focus featured drawings, 1975 Set designer and puppeteer for the Nasrudin Black Light Puppet theater 1975 Randi's gallery in Denver in 1974                                                               Maxim's Gallery in Greely, Colorado, 1975.Massachusetts: MIT Gallery Massachusetts College of Arts Gallery Founder/chairman of the Contemporary Guild of the Lexington Arts and Crafts Society, Cambridge Art Association. 
Swimmer in a Wild River
My paintings are intertwined with the space, time, feeling, and emotions of the time during which they are painted.Because I experience Life as an interpenetrating flow rather than as a frozen image, their design is organized according to meaning rather than surface appearance.I use color, shapes, transparencies, interpenetrating forms and calligraphic line to create layered paintings that are poetic and evocative of complex concepts. 
Childhood Memory
Emancipation ♂
Summer Rain II
Emancipation ♀
"Pat Angevine's works are rich in deep, dark colors and have soft, flowing forms. Although the works are primarily abstract, the artist sometimes adds realistic details to make a specific subject come through. " Judy Myers, Colorado"Transparent, ephemeral planes of color collide and intersect - she (Angevine) constructs a kinetic space exploding with color and energy" Allison Hersh, Savannah Morning News.Christopher Schink "Untitled" Palette magazine January 2014Christopher Schink, William Lawrence "Side by Side" Palette magazine Mar/Apr 2012 Christopher Schink, William Lawrence "Interesting Twist" Palette magazine Jun/July 2011 Christopher Schink "Woods" Palette magazine Jan 2011Christopher Schink, William Lawrence "Renewal" Palette Magazine Mar/Apr 2009Whenever someone asks my husband, Jeremy, about the way I work; he always says "Oh, she just makes a mark on the paper and corrects it until it is done" Jeremy Seftor"The more honest you are, the more you will represent the thoughts and feelings of your own time, not in any contrived way but in that wondrous way which is the direct apprehension of truth" Pat Angevine 
A Space of One’s Own
Betwixt & Between
Still a Mystery
It is named  “volcanic"
Some have asked about the background of this website, which itself has a background story. On August 19, 1992 Mount Spurr, a volcano located about 80 miles from Anchorage, Alaska erupted. Its plume was carried directly over the city, turning day into night, and raining hissing, sulfurous ash for hours. The next day saw a thick ash blanket covering everything. Fascination compelled Jeremy to collect a few vials of this volcanic output. Years later, during the very early days of website building, Jeremy was looking to find a background against which to present Pat’s artwork on the internet. Unable to find anything suitable, he poured a small amount of this volcanic ash onto a scanner and created a small image file. This tiny little file has been carefully saved and used for over 20 years.